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Whether short-term storage for home staging, or longer term storage, STORE IT NW has you covered. Portable Self Storage allows you to keep boxes with us rather than at your home or office. It’s like an extra storage shed that you can give back when you are done! Best of all if you are preparing to move home storing can be an effective short term  storage option, and when your house is sold, you can use STORE IT NW to deliver to your new address to make your move simple.


Local moving can be a headache, unless you use STORE IT NW. Leyland, Preston, Moving is now a breeze; no more rental truck, no one else touching your stuff, and best of all moving is now affordable. Our moving advantage program brings the boxes to your door, and with no rental truck to drive, local moving becomes a snap. Your belongings show up as promised on your doorstep ready for you to start life’s next journey. Local moving the way it should be – simple and convenient.